One of our products is rose sherbet.

Rose sherbet is one of the natural ingredients obtained from the leaves of roses grown in Isparta, Turkey. Our company, which stands out with its beautiful smell and delicious taste, exports rose sherbet to many Arab and international countries.

Rose sherbet benefits

Rose sherbet is one of the indispensable drinks of the month of Ramadan, which comes to summer and winter seasons.

The rose has been one of the most loved flowers throughout history. Rose is also important in Ottoman cuisine, not only because of its smell or beauty, but also because it is good for fainting, reducing fever, digestive system, mouth infection and giving relief.

Since the 19th century, rose sherbet has taken its place among the most popular sherbets. For this reason, special attention was paid to the cultivation of roses in the Ottoman period. Rose sherbet, which was offered to the people of the palace and to the guests, spread to the mansions and from there to the public, and became a pleasant drink of the whole world.